Sunday, May 30, 2010

Shameless Recruiting Post

Towards the end of December of 2009 I downloaded and fell in love with EVE. I immediately decided that I wanted to be a pirate, and focus my efforts on PvP. That decision was the easy part. The devil was in the details of learning the ins and outs of my chosen profession and the art of PvP and null sec survival.

I started following Black Claw's blog, and the Open University of Celestial Hardship (OUCH) was brought to my attention. I applied to join, and the rest is history. :)

In all of my travels of New Eden, I have never found such a good group of pilots. There is a sense of camaraderie there, a incredible teaching/giving spirit, and the willingness to help out each other.

I learned, slowly but surely how to fight, how to die, and eventually how to start getting some kills. I learned how to survive in null sec, and how to work as a fleet. I cut my teeth as a fledgling FC, and eventually became a competent small gang leader. Along the way, I forged friendships with pilots who I will stay in contact with for the rest of my EVE life-time.

If any of you are interested in learning PvP, learning how to survive in null and low sec, or just simply interested in doing all of the above with a stellar group of pilots, I HIGHLY recommend OUCH to you.

They provide a free frigate program, so you can learn without laying your own isk on the line. Free classes, roams, and modules. There are all time-zones represented there, so there is always someone to fly with.

I recently left OUCH to pursue more advanced small gang warfare, but my heart will always be with that corporation.

It is one thing to promote a corp while you are in it, but when people will recommend a corp after they have moved on, that's when you know something good is going on there. :)

If you are interested in joining up (there are no minimum skill point requirements, nor any excluding factors of any kind), feel free to contact Black Claw or Alexia Morgan in game. Just shoot em a mail. Or you can join the open university channel at ouch-uni. Just poke your head in and ask questions, or just say hello. They will love to see you and talk with ya.

I sincerely hope you look into OUCH if you are interested, and if you do, I promise you won't be disappointed.

Good hunting, and fly dangerous.


Tyrannis Thus Far...

Today when I logged in I did a fair amount of plexing with the corp, and a bit of ratting in a small group. Didn't make much isk, but to tell you the truth, I really wasn't feeling pve today.

Anyway, the main points I wanted to bring up today pertain to some bugs I've noticed since Tyrannis has been deployed.

At one point, myself and several corp mates were sitting on a gate, with a hostile in the next system over. I decided to log and get some grub, since the hostile seemed to be afk-cloaked. Well, I logged and ate a good meal, checked some e-mail, and smoked a cig. When I logged back in, I was still on the gate. Apparently, I had gotten stuck on the gate, and had been there ever since I logged off. My corp mates had stayed by my side (thank the gods), and sent a petition to CCP. I wasn't sitting at 0km on the gate, I was in orbit around the gate, and my warp drive had never even cut on when I logged back in. My only guess is that it bugged due to the changes made to the log-off-warp physics.

The frame rate while present in a plex has gone _way_ down. I'm running eve on a MacBook, so it was never phenomenal to begin with, but now it is damn near unplayable, unless I zoom out all the way.

One of the members of my corp accepted a level 1 mission for the True Power corporation...soon after accepting, he complained in local about the difficulty of the Battleship rats...Wait, what?!

Apparently, this mission bugged out, and was the equivalent of a level 4 mission. Seriously. On the plus side, he gets a +5 implant when we help him finish it. (He is a bit of a new player, and can only fly a BC- Not on par with a Level 4 mission).

Another interesting bug occurred when Jaxen and myself were ratting in a belt. After killing the battleships, we moved on the the 6 cruisers that were present. That was all fine and dandy, until they started moving away from the belt at about 1500 m/s. Now, if we had MWD's on, this would be no problem. We were unfortunately fit up with AB's so we could effectively tank the dps. Before we knew it, they were over 360 kilometers away. They didn't warp out, they just started heading towards the center of the system. I went and grabbed my Vigil that was fit up with a MWD that I could perma-run, and went after the bastards. Needless to say, I got a warp in on em, but it took about 10 minutes to re-ship and catch em. :/

One of my corpmates has several alts one of these alts is a specialized Sabre pilot. It can use this ship to great effect, and one of the tools he uses in order to get so many kills is by watching the enemies distance away from him. That way, he knows when to deploy the warp disruption probe. Simply put, the overview column that measures distance is bugged. It gets stuck on a certain distance, and never updates. This has proved disastrous on several occasions for him, and is a pain in the ass for me, when I'm trying to move into optimal range for my guns.

Anyway, that is enough complaining from my end, I may try to get on here a bit later and write something fun/positive. Good hunting.


Friday, May 28, 2010

Always Look Both Ways...

Big plans tonight. Some stuff to do for the corp, and then after the work is done, we can actually get out there and play.

I'm looking forward to flying my jag into certain death and destruction. And hopefully coming out (relatively) un-scathed. Might even get a few kills. I'll keep ya's updated.

Jaguar - 'Rolling Stone'

-Named DCU
-Named MAPC
-Tech 2 Gyro

--Tech 2 MSE
--Named MSE
--Tech 2 Disruptor
--Tech 2 AB

---150mm Tech 2 Autocannons x3
---Salvager (Offlined as Heat-Sink)

Anti-EM Rig
Polycarbon Engine Housing Rig

Fly dangerous.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

103 Jumps to Go...

I have recently joined up with a corporation by the name of Auner Development Corp. We are basing out of a remote region of Stain, where isk making opportunities are rampant, but the market leaves much to be desired.

Yesterday, shortly before the galactic law that forbid planetary interaction was lifted, I made use of my jump clone to cross several regions to join up with former corp mates from OUCH to fleet up and carry out some pvp...

The initial fighting went well, with Miss Teri and myself destroying a Republic Fleet Firetail and a Crusader, by probing them down at their safe-spot off of the Sendaya gate in Doril. On our warp in, we caught the Firetail and the Crusader completely off guard, and ensured the swift destruction of that pilot's ship. Unfortunately, the Firetail did significant damage to my thrasher, and right before we popped the Crusader, the klaxons on my ship sounded, and I was promptly ejected into my pod. All in all, a very good fight.

The rest of the day did not go so well, and I ended up losing several rifters. My former corp mates were not so lucky in their losses. Metalhead lost a Kitsune, and Ailee Ross lost his first BS, a Scorpion. All part of the learning process. Bren joined us shortly after the heavy losses, and we attempted to find targets to engage with similar fleet composition and numbers. New Eden is many things, but fair she is not. After Miss Teri and Metalhead had left the fleet, Bren continued to hunt solo, and ended up popping a cyno frigate, and the cap pilot decided to pay Bren back for that.

About this time, a few members of Auner asked if anyone was near empire, for they needed supplies run down to W-Q. I stated that I was, and I would be happy to do so...
Be careful what you agree to, especially in Eve. The first request was simple enough, a skill book. The real kicker is that it turns out that we needed a BPO, and that BPO could only be found on the contracts market, over in Lonetrek. *Doh*

So, with my low sec-status and only having a pod available to fly, I requested the only rational thing I could think of- "Buy me a interceptor, and we have a deal"

I bought a shiny new stiletto, and fitted it up for travel(WCS, Nano, MSE, MWD), and headed out. When I reached HLW-HP, I encountered a medium sized gang of Cult of War pilots. This peaked my curiosity, and I warped to my RA gate safe to assess the situation. The had a gate camp set-up, complete with bubbles covering every angle of approach to he gate. Now, this is where things got interesting...There was a Loki wreck sitting 5 clicks off of one of the bubbles, and it appeared that it had not been looted.

Sometimes in Eve, my common sense is placed on the back burner, and I attempt risky/stupid/ridiculous maneuvers in order to gain profit, fame, or just to have fun. This was one of those times. I warp to 0km, and attempt to loot as much as I can. With the hostile ceptors closing in fast, I realize that I am only able to partially fill my hold with the sweet, sweet loot. I warp off, and deposit the goods into a station. Still caught up in the prospect of making even more isk, I warp in for a second time.

Sometimes, fortune favors the brave. In my second round of looting, I grab a Republic Fleet Large Shield Extender... *whistles*
With the hostiles once again approaching, I warp off to deposit my loot in station and dock up for the release of Tyrannis...

I have no idea why the -COW- fleet did not loot that wreck. I'm happy, don't get me wrong, just curious. Anywho, I still have about 103 jumps to go in order to pick up the needed supplies and complete my journey. I'm _sure_ it will be interesting.