Monday, June 7, 2010

Coming Down to Earth

So, after a 5 day vacation at a music festival up in the mountains, I'll be logging back in tonight. (Yes, for anyone who cares, the festival was awesome- Near 60 Bands playing everything from Bluegrass to Electronica. Lot's of alcohol and illicit substances contributed to an excellent week.)

In game politics between ADC and OUCH seems to be a bit skewed, so I guess it will be up to me to mediate. I was only able to _barely_ monitor the dealings via evegate on my phone...reception was crappy, and left me desperately wanting to log on and settle all of this. The main complaint I have with leaving the Art of War Alliance is the number of friends I have in there.

I realize that we are nearly 55 jumps away from the AWA home base in the Derelik Region, but Jump Clones have served me quite well. At the drop of a hat I will be able to participate in the Corp that I have come to know and love.

Even if ADC leaves the alliance, I intend on continuing to fly with the many great pilots and friends with OUCH- Even participating in a war, that may or may not be happening soon. More on that later.

On another note, I'm about 30 days out from a vagabond, a ship that I have wanted to get in since I saw it. Here's the setup I'm thinking-

2x TE Tech II
2x Gyro Tech II
1x Nanofiber Tech II
1x Named MSE
1x MSE Tech 2
1x 10mn MWD Tech 2
1x Warp Disruptor Tech 2
5x 220mm Tech 2 Autocannons
1x Smal Energy Neut (For ceptors and fast frigates)
5x Warrior 2's

Basically kite the target at 20-25km, let the drones do the work of working on smaller ships, and lay down the pain from a comfortable distance. We will see how this works out.

Fly Dangerous.



  1. I've been reading on your stuff with ADC since you started posting and it sounds like fun tbh, and them leaving the alliance sounds like a way to keep doing what they love where they love doing it.
    Btw, do you guys recruit the carebearish/industrialish kind of people in your corp ?:)

  2. Thanks for the comment man. Well, from what I can tell, the reasons for leaving had to do with the distance from the Curse region (where the AWA is based), and not having a common goal/ambition/vision to share.

    We do have quite a lot of fun, it is a small, tight knit group of guys who have fun at small gang pvp. In our spare time we rat and plex (some of us mission) in order to make our isk.

    Well, not recruit per say, but if you are interested, just shoot me a eve mail. We are self sufficient out in Stain (we build everything from ammo to tech 2 ships), and there are lots of opportunities for ice mining and regular mining out there. And many of the pilots out here in ADC have alts who are devoted to industry. There is always a place for industrialists.

    You would be expected to hop in a pvp ship if need be, as we are a primarily pvp corp, but if you are willing to learn, and you have a pretty good grasp of eve already, then we can see what can be done about getting in down here.

    If you are looking to learn small gang pvp, I would highly recommend looking into joining OUCH (Open University of Celestial Hardship). I did a post regarding it. The AWA alliance also has a industry section, where they basically just carebear until their hearts are content, then they go out and pew pew with the students of OUCH.

    Hope this answers some questions.



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