Friday, June 18, 2010

What Are You Willing To Lose?

When I logged in last night, I decided it was time to get some blood on my hands. Too much carebearing has left me quite thirsty for pew. I rallied the troops (Jaxen, Kippz) and set off to the unknown.

I was flying a hurricane, Jaxen in a Blackbird, and Kippz was in a Stabber. We traveled about 15 jumps, and were waiting at a gate to jump through. All of a sudden, local +1. A vagabond de-cloaks, and starts targeting me and burning away. He gets a comfortable orbit of about 25km set around me...and the local jumps by 3.


2 more vagabonds un-cloak, as well as a rook. Fuckfuckfuck.

I give the order to warp out, and Jaxen get swiftly blown up. Kippz and myself make it out. We all rendezvous in a safe, and wait till the enemy gang passes. I find a station system near us with a giffin + fittings for Jaxen, and he gets fitted up and we continue our roam.

We end up in Esoteria. Basically, if you've never been there, it's dead. Very dead. I choose a route back home, and we start back that way. About 8 jumps from our home, a huginn and a ishtar start following us.

After about 3 jumps of them following us, I give the order to re-approach the gate, and engage. Unfortunately, Jaxen and Kippz were already on their way to the next gate. I decide to try and stall the huginn and ishtar, to give them enough time to escape. This decision was made the second I realized Jax and Kippz were planning on running, and not engaging.

Well, the huginn decides to jump into the system, and I follow him. The ishtar was hot on my heels. I burn towards the huginn, and open up with my 425mm Autocannons. The ishtar jumps in shortly after, and makes short work of my hurricane. I tell my two corp mates to get the hell outta dodge, as my pod goes boom. I wake up in a fresh clone, and the night is brought to a close.

What I learned- A vagabond in Stain is bait. Always. This will be the last time I fall for it.

Make sure your fleet is on the same page as you. Make sure that everyone is thinking like you are, or at least know what the FC is thinking. Make sure your fleet is willing to go out on a limb, take risks to get a kill.

It seemed as if Jax and Kippz were scared to engage the enemy. At one point we had the chance to try and hunt and kill a tengu, but neither of them were willing to give it a shot. I've seen tech 3 cruisers killed by two BC's. If you don't test your limits, and push them, you end up content with them. I'm not ok with my limits. We were in tech 1 ships with mostly tech 1 fittings.

Now, I realize that 3 people does not make a big fleet, nor does it give the normal "fleet" vibe of "FC said this, we do it". There is more room for discussion. This is both a good thing and a bad thing.

Not a good night for PvP. Maybe tomorrow will hold better things.

Till next time,

Fly Dangerous- And push your limits...You never know what you can and can't do until you try.

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