Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bullet Diplomacy

"For business reasons, I must preserve the outward signs of sanity."
-Mark Twain

Bullet Diplomacy is my corp that I have just recently made. The name comes from my outlook on diplomacy, blues, and politics. I tend to piss a lot of people off, go against the grain, insult and disobey "superiors", and generally not follow the "rules" and the e-peen honor that goes with this game. I've found I function far better as a hermit in Eve, much like in real life. If I have to be around or associate with people, I like it to be in small numbers- and with good friends.

This has come after about 3 months of research. I'm going to be basing out of a low sec system that is near the entrance to The Great Wildlands region. The layout of the region is great for roving small gang warfare, and also provides the ability to make quite a good deal of isk via ratting or plexing. In the off time from ratting or roaming, I'm going to be honing my skills as a pirate- Which, to tell you the truth, I've neglected since I've moved out to Stain.

I plan to set up a POS near the constellation I will be doing most of my PVE activities. Nothing more than a small tower, a corporate hanger, and a ship maintenance array. I'll be keeping it quite simple, and keeping my investment down, for I do foresee my tiny little POS getting pounded by the russians who frequent the Wildlands.

I'm going to be inviting some of the pilots who I flown with in the past to be a part of this endeavor. I want to keep the numbers as minimal as possible, because small gang is truly where I have the most fun in Eve. I expect one or two friends will join me at first, then more will follow once they have left their current corps and wanna see how things are with my corp. Which is fine, since in the mean time I'll be making the iskies and honing my solo skills. Plus, a few of the guys I have flown with may be scared to have me in charge of a corp...Have you ever seen Caligula? :P

It's not going to be easy. I know this. I also know that setting up a POS without guns and without a cap fleet to back it up is basically just begging for it to be blown up. Just trust me when I say I have been watching a system for the past 6 weeks, and I am _quite_ confident that the POS will be safe, as long as I can keep a low profile...Which should be about two days max.

I'll be leaving Auner sometime in the next month or so. Nothing against them at all, I just really feel the need to stretch my wings and set up a corp and struggle and survive the hard way for myself. Perhaps some of you can sympathize.

In skills news, I'll be in a vagabond and muninn in about 2 days. Which I am absolutely freaking psyched for. Shortly after that, I'm going to be hopping in my Loki, which I have already dubbed the "Enterprise"...Yeah, I know. I've already purchased the ship, as well as the core sub-systems I'll be using for PVE and transport. You can probably guess that it has a cov-ops cloak and the interdiction nullifier. I'll be purchasing a few different sub-systems for the Loki, that way I can experiment and play around...And hell, if I make enough isk with the Enterprise, I may be able to get a second Loki. No, I don't have a name for it yet.

Oh yeah, I wanted to hear what you guys thought of my banner. That was my first attempt at using Photoshop, and I am quite happy with it. Simple, to the point, and still in your face. If you were wondering, "Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned" is the title of a Rancid song...I feel that it summed up my philosophy thus far in Eve.

Throw up some comments if you are interested in being a part of Bullet Diplomacy, have any suggestions or warnings, or just want to say hi. Yeah. That is all for now.

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