Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First Blood

The other night I was carebearing it up, when 2 neuts entered system.

A crusader was on scan, and I knew that the other guy was cloaked up. So I narrowed them down to a gate, and promptly warped to 20km off the gate.

Now, I know some of you are going to say "wtf, you had no idea what the cloakie ship was, why would you risk it and engage?!"

Well, I was feeling lucky, tbh, and wanted to take the chance.

So, when I landed in my vagabond, I started locking up the ceptor, and he got a warp disruptor on me.

Then a rook de-cloaks, and proceeds to jam me to hell. I watch my shields melt, slowly but surely...

Their DPS isn't that great, and they seem to be alone- local hasn't jumped yet. While I'm jammed, I realize I'm about to lose this vagabond...Which makes me a sad panda.

Suddenly, the rook misses a jam. Now, the rook doesn't have a a scram or a disruptor, so the only thing that is holding me here is the little ceptor. I start to lock the crusader, then I'm jammed again. Fuck.

At this point, my shields are sitting at about 15%, and the ceptor is orbiting me at about 2500m.

Then the rook misses another jam. I proceed to lock the, the rook misses another jam, and I get a volly off with my auto-cannons. The ceptor goes pop! Hell yes.

So, feeling bold, I lock up the rook, who has now de-agressed, and is taking heavy shield damage. I continue to pound him, until he jumps in low armor.

Decided not to push my luck, I choose not to pursue, since I have no idea what is on the other side, or if re-enforcments are inbound.

Ceptor Kill

All in all, a pretty awesome first kill. Here's to many more to come.

I was particulary impressed with the ability of my vagabond to keep up a substantial speed tank, even though I was scrammed. Probably saved my ass there. And the damage to the ceptor from that close with my auto-cannons? OMG awesome.

Fly Bold.


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  1. Hey Cro, are you doing ok? We're missin' you dude!



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