Sunday, July 11, 2010


I've been flying my vagabond quite a lot recently. I think I'm in love. I have made enough isk by ratting in it to pay for another already. It is extremely efficient.

In terms of PvP, I've yet to get a kill in it. I have been in several engagements, and I have dis-engaged when the russians, members of Coven or LR, or random people try to blob me. It is a bit like stepping into "god-mode" when it comes to fast moving warfare.

Unless I make a mistake, or engage a Rapier or Loki or Hughinn, it seems that nothing can slow me down, hence catch me. I know it is cheap to simply orbit at 20-25km and do about 150-200 DPS...But I'm ok with it.

Vagabond - "Joker & The Thief"

1 Nano
2 TE's
2 Gyros
2 Large Shield Extenders
1 Disruptor
5 220mm Auto's
1 Medium Neut


In other news, I have quite a few interesting engagements that have occurred over the past couple days, and when I get a few minutes extra, I'll do a write up on em. I'm about 20 or so days out of my Loki the "Enterprise", and looking forward to that.

I have an idea to use the loki as a combination of the vagabond and the rapier, so we will see how that gets put to use.

Fly smart.



  1. I've been looking at the vaga for a while now. Still can't decide if I want to fly one yet. Looking forward to reading about any kills you get with it.

    Also looking forward to hearing about your Loki having recently purchased one myself. It's main use for me is more lowsec exploration and cloaky killer. Should be interesting to see what you come up with.

  2. I'll keep ya updated. It's most certainly the most fun ship I have flown to date. Tricky. But fun.

    Yeah, I plan on having my Loki set up initially as a plex/ratting ship. But in time, once I am a bit more comfortable flying it, I plan on taking it into pvp.

    Thanks for the comment.



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